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Fulfilling the Promise of Flash Media
MTRON Flash SSD Enterprise Storage Stack 4.0 lets you build incredibly inexpensive, super-fast solid state storage appliances. ESS provides not just high speed performance but also error detection and correction, compression, deduplication and thin-provisioning capabilities. Similarly, our offerings include finished systems and components as well as software-only solutions.
Android Phone Pix
Android SuperCharger speeds up smart phones and tablets running Google's Android operating system by replacing extremely slow random writes with FIFO Clusters of writes written linearly. The Android variant of SuperCharger also dramatically improves the life of Flash media by reducing the wear amplification of Flash devices. These improvements help Original Device Manufacturers (ODMs) reduce the manufacturing cost of their devices. Android SuperCharger is only licensed to ODMs and their partners.
USB SuperCharger
USB SuperCharger dramatically speeds up and extends the life of any USB Flash Drive. SuperCharger typically reduces the amount of time needed to copy 100 megabytes of typical 150kb workstation files from 90 seconds to 30 seconds. Similarly, it writes 4kb data as much as 1,000 times faster, making USB Flash Drives viable for portable applications, databases, and virtual operating systems. Best of all, USB SuperCharger can save you dramatic amounts of time at a very low cost. It's even FREE for USB Sticks 1GB and smaller.