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Why MultiPath really matters for green screen users

While MultiPath significantly improves service quality in Web applications, it is absolutely essential in any green screen application moving over the Internet.

The reason this is so is that the Internet is only about 97% reliable overall. About 3% of the time when someone is trying to be connected to a server they will not be able to connect.

But for green screen connectivity the problem becomes worse, because the need for connectivity is extended. If you break between web pages, you still have the first page's contents. If you break while entering a green screen order, the process is likely to wrap up and shut down, thus causing the loss of the order. Similarly, print jobs may take an extended amount of time. Loss of connectivity for even a few seconds anywhere in the run may necessitate starting over.

Our MultiPath technology for green screen is even more sophisticated than that for Web. Easy-Connect is an active application that pings both routes to the secure middle server every 5 seconds, and auto-switches from one route to the other when the secondary route becomes faster than the primary, or the primary fails all together. Switching is accomplished without any data loss due to buffering. And if the connection fails completely, as may occasionally happen when either ends ISP loses a route, the server end session is held open because of our proxying nature, able to immediately continue with data transmission after Easy-Connect reestablishes its links. No user intervention is required.

The practical reality of single path Internet green screen connectivity is that it is totally unviable for commercial use. Users are likely to lose their connections several times a day, and get confused and frustrated trying to reconnect. Easy-Connect MultiPathing avoids all these problems and frustrations, creating an environment that seems hardwired and "always there" to the user.