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The need for green screen connectivity

While GUI and especially Web interface applications have slowly gained significant market share because of their easy deployability, absence of proprietary interfaces, and rapid learning due to intuitiveness, green screen is not about to go away.

There are four reasons for this:

1. Green screens are inherently immensely more labor-efficient for "heads down" computer work. Typically, green screen applications let operators get in 5 to 10 times as much data in a given unit of time as do GUI screens. While a mouse can dramatically reduce learning curves, it gets in the way of production work. To understand this, think about "wizard" applications. If you are unfamiliar with something because you only use it once a month, wizards with their next, next, finish sequence are fantastic. But if you need to do something 5 times a day, they quickly get in your way. Applications can be written for rapid learning, and applications can be written for maximum labor productivity, but they cannot generally be written for both.
2. There is an immense investment - more than 50 years of computerization - in green screen applications. It will take decades to convert all these to GUI, even if there is real benefit in doing so.
3. Green screen presentations generally cost a good deal less to develop than GUI front ends. This means that developers can afford to invest more time in enhancing both business logic and the speed with which operators can enter data.
4. Specialty functions such as system printers, and data collection equipment interfaces will not go away.

For all of these reasons, there is going to be a continuing need for green screen connectivity. Easy-Connect makes that connectivity across the Internet rapidly achievable at extremely low cost.