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Easy-Connect green-screen connectivity

Easy-Connect lets you connect any "green screen" device, including terminals, printers, remote modems, and PCs using a Telnet interface, to any server outputting Telnet or Serial streams via the Internet.

When the device is connected, it stays connected a lot more reliably than standard direct-connect methods due to our MultiPath technology. Uptime is about 99.9%, rather than the 97% you get with standard Telnet or SSH methods of connection. Similarly, reconnect semantics are automatic so that users do not have to manually reconnect their devices. The user experience is similar to the simplicity and reliability of serially hardwired devices, rather than complex electronic connections.

Easy-Connect is secure. We use Triple-DES 168 bit encryption to assure that connections stay secret.

Easy-Connect is a lot faster than most connections because most solutions do not tune out server and client Telnet accumulator delays. We do.

Best of all, setup to use Easy-Connect only takes about 5 minutes, and only costs about $4 per connection-month. These time and money costs are tiny fractions of traditional connectivity methods such as VPNs.