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Easy-Connect - an intrinsic protocol converter

The Easy-Connect product (just like our Easy-Time database hosting product) has a user application that installs on a Windows 95 or better PC.

While part of this application is concerned with Internet reliability, and triggers MultiPath connectivity, the other end allows conversion of the TCP/IP transport stream to any of 5 local protocols:

Telnet - for use with PC workstations. This accepts connections on designated sockets for each session. Acceptance can either be from localhost, or from another PC in the same local network.

Serial - for use with dumb terminals, local modems, and other serial devices. This can also connect to old serial-only servers. This uses standard Windows Com1 to ComN settings.

Printers - for use with local printers such as LPT1, as well as any networked printers in the local environment. Simply specify the path.

Inbound Telnet - allowing the gateway to open a connection to any local server using the standard "telnet servername socket" protocol.

PicLan - Allowing the gateway to open a connection to servers using PicLan IPX protocols.

Use of any of these protocols is a matter of one or two minutes of web configuration per device. Simply go to our site, login as an administrator, bring up the connection to change, and then specify the connection type and its parameters.