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Easy-Connect is simple to use

One of our users recently mentioned that he connected 6 remote users at 3 remote sites in less than a day. Considering that he had about 200 miles of back-country driving between four locations, as well as installations to do at four locations, this is quite extraordinary.

Easy-Connect is extremely simple to use. After verifying that a particular PC can get to the Internet, all you do is load our 2.5 megabyte application, and then log onto our web application and define the session properties, including local connections.

As you can see in the above example, the user spent less than an hour at each site verifying Internet accessibility, installing our software, configuring the sessions for several users at each site, testing them to make sure they worked, and then training users in how to use the connection system.

Compare this with the amount of time required to install a VPN system. Just the install per site is likely to take a day or more. Beyond this, the installer would have to train the user in how to reconnect in all contingencies. Instead of one day per for sites, time costs would amount to 6 to 8 man-days. In almost all cases, Easy-Connect pays for its lifetime use just in the number of man-days saved in the installation phase. This ignores long term advantages such as greater reliability or simpler use.