Unbeatable IOPS
TPC Compliant
4x More Durable
Costs a Lot Less

Raid SuperCharger:
Dramatically Reducing the Costs of Flash Storage

Given that all other Flash solutions need to be configured Raid-10 for optimal performance, and realistically should be built with SLC or eMLC media, Raid SuperCharger is by far the most affordable solution.

The Intel's SLC-based X25E will cost you about about $18 per Gigabtyte. Micron/Crucial's SLC-based P300 costs about $14 per Gigabyte.

Some MLC based "Enterprise Grade" SSDs cost as little as $11 per Gigabyte. However, care should be taken in specifying these as they will have a lot less available media wear than does a Raid SuperCharger based solution.

MLC based Fusion IO typically costs $60 or more per addressable gigabyte when configured Raid-10 with reasonable free space. SLC based solutions typically double this.

By comparison, systems built with Raid SuperCharger software and standard "Commercial Grade" SSDs typically cost just $4 to $5 per gigabyte.