Unbeatable IOPS
TPC Compliant
4x More Durable
Costs a Lot Less

Raid SuperCharger: 4x More Durable Than Standard Raid-10

All Flash media has a limited number of erase cycles, after which the media can be expected to fail. The life of flash is optimized by reducing both the number of erasures and by reducing the amount of old data rewritten as part of the update process.

When SuperCharger is used as part of a raid-5 or raid-6 set, it will near-halve the number of writes executed when compared with the same drive set configured Raid-10. Similarly, when a drive-set of identical size is used, the amount of free space increases, and the number of rewrites is dramatically reduced, again most commonly in half. It is the combination of these effects which typically leads to Raid SuperCharger's four-fold improvement of media life. This extended wear makes use of "Commercial Grade" Flash media viable, in lieu of more expensive "Enterprise Grade" media dramatically reducing media costs.

Those looking for a more detailed explanation of wear differences should read the following white paper.