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Easy-Connect is encrypted for your protection

A lot of people assume that they can shave a few farthings off of their cost by simply connecting using insecure standard Telnet, with data sent in the clear.


To begin with, if you are sending any data that is medically oriented or about minors, you are almost certainly breaking the law of your country. Similarly, if you are sending any credit card data, you are subject to fines of $100,000 per instance. If you are sending any personal data whatsoever, you expose yourself to privacy invasion lawsuits if it ever becomes known. Finally, you expose the data of your company to sniffing.

Easy-Connect connections are protected. The transmission streams are triple-DES (168 bit), or single-DES (56 bit) encrypted, subject to US munitions export regulations. Similarly, the authentication handshakes are performed via SSL using the strongest encryption your PC permits.

Finally, our secure midpoint is just a data exchange point. We receive packets and hand them off to another client. Nothing is ever stored on disk.

These processes make each Easy-Connect session a private session, rather than one observable by snoopers.