Unbeatable IOPS
TPC Compliant
4x More Durable
Costs a Lot Less

Raid SuperCharger Outperforms
Regular Solid State Disk Raid Solutions

Though Flash Media performs exceptionally fast, a lot of that performance is whittled away by redundancy. The more expensive Raid-10 technology halves random write rates, in spite of its doubling of costs. Less expensive Raid-5 typically reduces SSD write performance ten to twenty fold because each random write requires a read-from or write-to every drive in the raid set to perform an update.

But Raid SuperCharger writes linearly in clusters of random writes, and writes in full raid-stripes. Accordingly, it always writes at the linear write speed of a Raid-5 array, which is actually faster than the linear write rate of a same-count Raid-10 set. As a result, Raid SuperCharger always writes at approximately 95% of the linear speed of the drive set, and typically random writes ten to twenty times faster than generic Raid-5.

The ability to use high efficiency Raid-5 (or -6) technology rather than Raid-10 results in dramatic speed and durability gains, as well as cost reductions. As a general rule, when compared to Raid-10 solutions, SuperCharger at least doubles SSD random write speed, quadruples media life, and costs less than half of viable Raid-10 solutions.