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SSDs Result in Faster, Greener Servers

Because hard disks deliver less than 200 IOs per second (IOPS), many servers spend 99% of their time waiting for disk. Designers try to beat this problem with extra CPUs and RAM, or massive disk arrays. But the easy way to solve the problem is to use flash memory. Unfortunately, most hosters don't know how to do this properly, and spend a lot of money with only limited performance gain. EasyCo, as a primary provider of Flash acceleration technology, can deliver Flash based systems delivering up to a million 4KB IOs per second. More importantly, we can deliver those IOPS at low cost.

Sample Flash SSD Array Supplemental Costs
Monthly Cost versus
Standard Hard Disk Set
$9 $17 $38 $56 $74 $254
Solid State Drive 1@30GB 2@30GB 2@60GB 3@60GB 4@60GB 4@128GB
Raid Type None Raid-1 Raid-1 Raid-5 Raid-5 Raid-5
Addressable space 25GB 25GB 55GB 101GB 150GB 321GB
4KB Random Read IOPS 16,000 32,000 44,000 66,000 88,000 240,000
4KB Random Write IOPS 14,000 14,000 18,000 36,000 54,000 107,000
IO performance multiplier
versus standard disk
192X 188X 249X 352X 441X 1,042X
Free Use of Raid SuperCharger software is included when you install Flash Media in your Dedicated Server

Mirroring to Hard Disks

When used in Linux, Raid SuperCharger managed Flash Media can also be mirrored to a hard disk for reduced cost. This reduces the write speed to the linear write speed of the hard disk (which is generally slower than that of Flash media), but can result in significant cost savings, especially for larger surfaces.