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System Virtualization

Virtualization allows you to separate the logical functionality of the operating system from the hardware layer. This design approach has a number of advantages:

It allows multiple virtuals to run on a single computer.
It allows the running of older operating system versions on top of newer operating systems when hardware incompatibility otherwise prevents operation of these.
It can work around marginal software. For instance, the Windows Raid scheduler for SATA drives works on ticks (thousandths of a second). As a result, it cannot natively read from arrays of SSDs at a speed greater than the read rate of a single drive. But with virtualization, Windows sees only one device and thus runs at the full array speed.
Because virtual systems are atomic, they can be moved among physical systems, and can be replicated as exampled in our high availability discussion.

We support Xen, KVM and VMware methods of virtualization. We do not support Windows Hypersphere at this time.