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EasyCo offers both Dedicated Server Hosting and Virtual Servers at competitive prices.

Our Virtual Servers are built solely with Flash Solid State Disks, assuring mass storage that responds several hundred times faster than normal hard disk solutions. As a result Linux and Windows Virtual Systems run on EasyCo hardware have a crispness and responsiveness unattainable in other virtual environments. Virtual Servers begin at $35/month.

Our Dedicated Servers are custom assembled, configured, and supported to your level of need. Servers are competitively priced and range from Dual-core Atoms to twelve core Opterons. Systems can variously run with Linux, Windows, or VMware. We also support Xen and KVM virtualization. Best of all, we can provide high performance Flash Solid State Disk solutions for all or part of your storage needs, dramatically improving the performance of systems.

Hosting customers get free use of our Raid SuperCharger Flash acceleration software.