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Our "bomb-proof" e-mail and hosting service
is based upon pairs of servers that are 2,000+ miles
apart, with real-time replicated data.

This unique technology keeps receiving mail, and delivering it to users, even if one of the two servers crashes (or one of the two data centers is put out of commission -- hence "bomb-proof").

Standard features of all e-mail services include both virus- and spam-filtering, use of IMAP and POP3 mail protocols, IMAP and POP3 over encrypted SL connections, full featured webmail access from any browser, support for large attachments, and surprisingly low disk storage costs.

Corporate e-mail service is designed to give corporate customers high reliability, at a known cost per user -- typically about $1 per user month.
Your server/our server: This mail solution places one of the servers in your place of business and the other on our premises, giving you the advantages of local access and physical control but with a solution that gives you no-down-time business continuity even in the worst of circumstances. A variant of our technologies can involve 2 local servers if you have a second premises in which to place the second system.
A la carte service gives you unlimited mailboxes, domains, and ftp mountpoints. This version lets you buy only the resources you need to minimize your costs -- especially valuable if you have a lot of small users.