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In the last 20 years, computers have become over a thousand times faster, but the hard disks which support them have only doubled in speed. When a bunch of people share a disk drive set in a virtual server the result is poor performance because the CPU is IO starved.

Conversely, the web site you are reading now - - is run in a virtual system. The virtual has only 512MB of RAM and competes with a dozen other systems. Aren't you impressed with the cripness of response? The crispness occurs because we use only solid state disk (SSD) storage as mass storage. While a typical virtual system will only deliver a peak of 200 IOs per second, and may deliver as few as 10, our systems deliver a minimum of 5,000 IOs per virtual when congested, and close to 100,000 peak IOs when there is no resource contention.

Virtual System Base Prices
CPU Model



Ram Size 512MB 1,024MB 2,048MB
Mirrored Flash Solid State Disk Storage 4GB 4GB 4GB
Typical Multi-Thread 4KB IOPS Rates 5,000 IOPS 10,000 IOPS 20,000 IOPS
Internet Transfer 100GB 200GB 400GB
Monthly Price $39 $64 $99
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Our virtual systems are extremely green. Processing units are typically based upon dual core AMD CPUs which draw only 25 watts, or quad cores which draw 45 watts. Similarly all Flash media typically draws only a small fraction of the power of hard disks - 2 to 2.5 watts per drive when active, and 1/10th watt when idle.