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MultiValue products

EasyCo was founded by two partners who have been in the MultiValue community forever - specifically since 1973 and 1980 respectively. EasyCo offers a broad range of superior quality MultiValue solutions to meet the needs of users from very small to very large. Click on the following categories to find the solution that is right for you.

The Coyote communications server connects MultiValue machines to the rest of the world. Coyote can function as a web server, a mail server, and a web client. Variants of Coyote permit MV-to-MV remote procedure calls, as well as turning old native boxes with PicLan into Telnet capable devices.
Dedicated servers, available for all versions of MultiValue database, and with support for both Windows Server and Linux, allow users to run their applications in a robust data center. The core advantage of the data center approach is greater reliability, due to the ability to instantly fix things that break, and also due to the ability to build a full archiving plan rather than one limited by the inadequacies of human hands. Data center based systems are generally no more expensive, and often less expensive, than their on-premises counterparts.
Private virtual servers, which run with a full RedHat Linux environment, allow smaller MultiValue systems to operate over the Internet, typically with far higher reliability than local systems, due to their serviceability, and often with much lower cost. We provide support for D3, Universe, Unidata, and jBase.
Easy-Connect is our universal green screen connectivity tool. In its stand-alone variant, Easy-Connect will connect any Telnet or serial server to any mix of PCs, printers, and dumb terminals over the Internet in about 5 minutes. This product is ideal for connecting MultiValue systems with green screen capabilities to the rest of the world.