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ESS Linearization software is block filter level software which converts clusters of random  writes into RAID-stripe and erase block bounded sequential writes. Our software accelerates random writes to the composite sequential write rate of the storage array.  ESS also greatly extends the useful life of each SSD by radically reducing write amplification.  As a result, fewer, less expensive SSDs can be used to build storage.  A retail pricelist for ESS software and support is shown below, together with an explanation of how to use it.

ESS Linearization software
Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Prices
Product Option Per
General Use ESS Linearization Software; ver 5.0 (min license size 5TB) -- $150
Virtual <=2x space multiplier (details) -- +50%
Virtual >2x space multiplier (details) -- +100%

ESS Linearization annual support fees and options
Premium Support for ESS Linearization software 450 30
7x24 Support for ESS Linearization software 1,725 30
Direct Connect 7x24 Support for ESS Linearization software 5,725 30
Support reinstatement fee   1 year
Discount for 3 year support purchase   15%

How to size and price an ESS system.  ESS software is priced based upon a licensing charge per usable terabyte of ESS storage.  Usable space is a function of the drive count and size less any hot spare or parity RAID drives, and further less a percertage of free space inaccessible by users.  We recommend a mandatory freespace level of 10%.  Usable space can be expressed in the formula:

          size = ( dc - ( hs + pd ) ) * st * 0.9            where:

                    dc = the SSD gross drive count
                    hs = is the count of hot spare drives
                    pd = is the count of parity drives
                    st  = is the decimal terabyte size of each drive

To determine usable terabytes, take the gross count of SSDs (gross). Then deduct all the mirror or parity drives (raid), as well as any hot spares (spares). Multiply what is left by the decimal terabytes per drive (tbsize). Then deduct 10% as unbilled mandatory free space. Finally, round the result up to the next whole decimal terabyte.

As an example, a 24 SSD set of 1 terabyte SSDs, configured RAID-6 with one hot spare would require a license as shown:

     size  = ( 24 - ( 1 + 2 ) ) * 1 * 0.9
     size  = 21 * 1 * 0.9
     size  = 18.9
     size  = 19tb when rounded up to the next whole decimal terabyte

 Annual support will need to be added as appropriate.

Annual support options:  There are three classes of annual support.  Calculating the cost of each relies in part on the terabyte fees mentioned above:

1.    Premium support provides responses within 4 hours of a reported problem, subject to business day limitations.  Thus, a reported problem this morning will get you a response in the afternoon, but a problem reported this afternoon may not be answered until tomorrow.

2.    7x24 support provides responses within 4 hours of a reported problem even when a problem occurs overnight or on a weekend.

3.    Direct Connect 7x24 gives you a direct connect and phone number to a named individual support person.  Direct connect support begins almost immediately with someone familiar rather than waiting for the ticket system.

Resellers, distributors, integrators, and OEMs welcome. WildFire prefers to sell through resellers, and offers significant trade as well as volume discounts to resellers of our products. Private branding is available at no additional cost.  If the reseller takes first call, programs are available to provide the reseller with second and third tier support.

Demonstration software: BonFire can be demoed for up to 90 days. Demo licenses can be converted into permanent licenses.

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