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Buying WildFire Products

WildFire products are principally sold to OEMs and Systems Integrators. These OEMs incorporate our technologies into their finished systems.  OEMs typically do not disclose that they are using ESS or BonFire technology.  Indeed  WildFire provides technology which an OEM can use to mask references to ESS and BonFire.  WildFire provides pricing to OEMs which assures that they can profit from the OEM relationship even when multi-tier marketing is employed.

Resellers can sell ESS or BonFire software to End Users.  Resellers are entitled to general sales discounts.  Resellers can earn additional discounts if they participate in WildFire's lead registration program.  End User support is provided either by WildFire or WildFire together with the reseller.

WildFire encourages End Users to buy from an OEM or Reseller as these may increase the value the End User receives.  However, End Users may also buy direct from WildFire provided there are no conflicts.

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